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Degrees offered

We have a Russian degree to fit your needs. All but the minor may be taken with co-operative education (co-op). You can choose between a Bachelor of Arts (BA in Russian), a Bachelor of Arts Honours (BA Honours in Russian) and a Minor in Russian.

Courses offered

Russian courses at a glance

Course number

Area of focus

RUSS 201, 209, 301, 303, 331, 333, 401 and 403

Russian language courses

RUSS 361, 363*, 461* and 463*

Study of culture and further development of language skills

RUSS 317*, 355* and SLAV 355

Russian and East-European culture through texts in English

RUSS 397, 497, 551, 561 and 591

Independent study and guided research

The courses marked with an asterisk are special topics courses and can be repeated for credit.
Need help? Contact the Russian Advisor
What courses in other disciplines can be part of my Russian program?
Certain courses in other disciplines focusing on Russia, Eastern Europe or Eurasia can occasionally count towards your Russian degree. The Russian Advisor will provide guidance on a case-by-case basis. Here are some recent examples:

  • ANTH 329.04 “Ethnographic Survey of Selected World Areas: Central Asia”

  • HTST 333 “The Age of Totalitarianism”

  • HTST 412 “Russia and the Soviet Union”

  • HTST 545.09 “Topics in Military History: The Great Patriotic War”

  • GEOG 397.02 “Regional Geography of Selected World Areas: Former Soviet Union”

Programs in the Faculty of Arts are undergoing curriculum reviews and details in this section may change.

Placement in Russian courses

If you already know some Russian, your first step should be to see the Russian Advisor so that your level of Russian can be assessed and you can be properly placed. This is particularly important for language courses. We make every effort to place students in courses where they will receive the most benefit from their work. Permission to register or remain in a particular course can be refused if your instructor judges that your knowledge exceeds the level of the course.

Apply now

Apply to the Faculty of Arts through the general admissions office


Elena Bratishenko
Division Chair, ALMC, German, and Russian
Tel: 403-220-8109

Olga M. Mladenova

Undergraduate Advisor, Russian
Tel: 403-220-8589


Tel: 403-220-5300