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Placement in Italian courses

Submitted by nnreimer on Thu, 12/01/2016 - 4:55pm

Not sure what level of Italian is appropriate for you?

We want to ensure you are placed in a course appropriate to your level of ability. Native speakers or any students who are unsure of their level of competency are invited to browse the information below to learn more about placement in Italian.

The School can refuse a student permission to remain in a particular language course if the instructor deems that the student's knowledge exceeds the level of that course. Students are advised that misrepresenting their level of knowledge in the language of the course constitutes academic dishonesty or misconduct.

Written placement test deadlines *

  • Fall 2017: Wednesday, September 20

  • Winter 2018:  Wednesday, January 17

* Note

  • You do not have to wait until the deadlines to submit your placement test.

  • Placement tests submitted after the deadlines will incur a $25 late marking fee.

Placement information and instructions

High-school students from Alberta

If you have an ITAL 30 qualification, you will be placed in ITAL 203 by the Registrar's Office.

Students from other provinces

We recommend that students with high-school or university qualifications in Italian from other provinces contact the Italian Undergraduate Advisor to ensure appropriate placement.

Non-academically acquired Italian

Students who have acquired a knowledge of Italian in a non-academic environment (e.g. through a trip Italy or in an Italophone family) or are unsure of their proficiency, should take one of the placement tests below.

Placement test instructions

  • Please print your test and fill it out manually.
  • Once completed it can be handed in personally (we are in Craigie Hall D318), sent in the post (2500 University Drive, Calgary, AB, T2N 1N4) or faxed to (403) 284-3634.
  • In the case of a Word file, the completed test can also be e-mailed to

After the test

After three working days you can contact the School at (403) 220-5300 to inquire about your results. Electronic approval will then be posted for the appropriate course/s.

Already have a UCID number?

Students who already have a University of Calgary ID will be able to self-register through PeopleSoft.

Don't have a UCID number?
  1. Fill out an Open Studies Student form
  2. Take your form to the School for a signature of authorization,
  3. Take your signed form to the Registrar's office for registration.

Placement tests

ITAL 203 (Beginner's II)

This course is designed for those students who can hold and follow a basic conversation; write simple sentences; comprehend uncomplicated texts; express themselves orally and in writing using the simple present (presente) and the present perfect (passato prossimo).
Click here to view and print the test for ITAL 203

ITAL 301 and ITAL 309 (Intermediate)

ITAL 301 is an intensive course aiming at the improvement of grammar and vocabulary alongside the development of spoken and written skills. ITAL 309 deals with aspects of Italian civilization and contemporary cultural issues in Italian studies. The student must be able to use, for example, reflexive verbs, double pronouns, the future tense, and the past continuous (imperfetto).
Click here to view and print the test for ITAL 301/ 309

ITAL 303, 305 and 307 (Intermediate II)

ITAL 303 is the continuation of ITAL 301. ITAL 305 aims at developing critical thinking and communicative skills through text analysis. ITAL 307 studies different types of means of communication.
Students are expected to show a wide lexical ability and be confident with, for instance, possessive, relative and combined pronouns, impersonal verbs, and the conditional mood.
Click here to view and print the test for ITAL 303/305/307

400-LEVEL ITALIAN (Advanced)

Our 400-level courses cover a wide range of topics: ITAL 401(composition and conversation); ITAL 405 (Introduction to Italian Literature); ITAL 407 (study of Italian theatre, opera and drama); ITAL 409 (Italian culture through cinema); and ITAL 499 (selected topics in Italian language, literature or civilization). These courses presuppose a high degree of oral and written fluency.
Click here to view and print the test for ITAL 401