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Undergraduate German

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Degrees offered (Majors, Minors)

We have a degree to fit your needs. All but the minor may be taken with co-operative education (co-op).

*The Minor in German is regulated by the section of the Faculty of Arts Graduation Requirements entitled 3.4.3 Minor Fields. Students must complete between 30 units (5.0 full-course equivalents) and not more than 36 units (6.0 full-course equivalents) in courses labelled German, including at least 18 units (3.0 full-course equivalents) at the senior level. The following courses are required: either German 413 or 415, and either German 349 or 353.


  • German 357 and 359 are delivered in English and may be repeated for credit. However, a maximum of 6 units (1.0 full-course equivalent) of German 357 and/or 359 may be credited towards a degree.

  • A maximum of 6 units (1.0 full-course equivalent) from German studies in a different discipline, subject to Departmental approval, may be credited towards a degree.

Degree requirements

*Based on an agreement with the Schulich School of Engineering: engineering students have the option of completing a German minor in conjunction with their BSc degree.

Courses offered

German language courses are not only for German majors. We welcome students who would like to learn German for personal reasons as well as students who may profit professionally from the ability to speak German. This may include students in engineering, kinesiology, the sciences, performing arts, international relations and other fields who may be interested in employment with companies and organizations from or in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. German is also important for students who are considering further studies in fields such as politics, philosophy, linguistics, theology and history.

Offered courses explore topics ranging from representations of war, the Holocaust in literature and film to post-Cold War cinema, German literature about Africa, sex and gender, journalism and literary criticism, contemporary German linguistics and transcultural studies.

A number of courses exploring German literature and history are offered in English. This allows students to learn more about these fields without having to read or speak German. Many of these courses can be counted towards degree requirements.

Placement in German courses

Students with a background in German should consult with the program advisor to be placed in language courses that correspond to their ability.  Please contact the German Undergraduate Advisor via

Students seeking credit by special assessment should also consult with the German Undergraduate Advisor regarding courses available for credit in this manner. Native speakers are not eligible to take language courses by special assessment or to receive advanced credit for them.

Apply now

Apply to the Faculty of Arts through the general admissions office

Study abroad

We support a number of study abroad options of varying lengths. Program credit can be earned for study abroad, either through transfer credit for various study abroad programs or through an inter-cultural immersion experience course, which you can tailor to accommodate your experience. Every year, a number of University of Calgary German students are selected to participate in a work/study program that gives them a two-month summer job in Germany; others receive scholarships for summer study at a German university.

Summer School in Berlin

This program offers participants a unique opportunity to engage in German civilization and its dynamic media culture. Berlin is one of Europe's most vibrant, safe and affordable capitals. Participants will explore the city's history and influence on the world through museums visits, walking and cultural tours, film viewings, seminars and everyday observation of media use in German life. Side trips to Potsdam, Leipzig and Dresden provide contrast in both historical and current trajectories of each city's culture and place in the overall fabric of German society. Learn more

Canadian Summer School in Germany

This six-week immersion program, offered annually in the spring (May-June) in the centrally located city of Kassel, that allows students to earn Canadian university credits while improving their language skills and experiencing Germany through cultural events, study trips, and excursions. 

Additional study abroad opportunities include:

Association for German Education in Calgary (AGEC) Study Abroad Scholarship

This scholarship is offered annually to a continuing undergraduate student enrolled in the Faculty of Arts, BA or BA Honours program, majoring in German, or in Linguistics and Languages with concentration in German. Application deadline is April 2, 2018.
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Dr. Elena Bratishenko 
Division Chair, German, Russian, Arabic Languages and Muslim Cultures 
Tel: 403-220-8109

Dr. Conny Burian
Undergraduate Advisor, German
Tel: 403-220-3577


Tel: 403-220-5300