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Linguistics and Language

Submitted by darmstro on Mon, 10/03/2016 - 3:03pm

Degrees offered

We have a degree to fit your needs. The BA in Linguistics and Languages may also be taken with co-operative education (co-op).

Courses offered

A combination of core courses in Linguistics with courses from a selected language program for students who want to focus on a particular language and culture while getting core linguistic training. As a major in this program, you have the option to complete this degree with a smaller set of Linguistics courses and one of the below language areas within the School, jointly offering the degree:

  • Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish

Alternately, students may combine up to two languages offered through Classics and Religion to fulfill the Language component:

  • Ancient Greek, Classical Hebrew, Classical Chinese, Latin, Sanskrit and Tibetan

Please note: The Field of Linguistics and Language consists of all courses labelled Linguistics (LING) and all courses in the chosen language.

Apply now

Apply to the Faculty of Arts through the general admissions office


Dr. Darin Flynn
Division Chair, Linguistics
Undergraduate Advisor, Linguistics
Tel: 403-220-6110

Tel: 403-220-5300

* For questions regarding language instruction, contact the individual language advisors directly

Study abroad opportunities

  • Benefit from the University of Calgary’s support for off-campus second language studies! You will have many opportunities to study at institutions in Canada and abroad, transferring the credits back to the University of Calgary. Group Study Programs are also available.