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Work abroad

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Work in France

Language Assistantships with the Université de Bourgogne (Dijon)

Three English Language Assistantships are available in France during the academic year 2020-2021.

The positions are available to students who will have obtained a four-year undergraduate degree from the University of Calgary when they commence employment.  

Candidates need only submit one application to be considered for both positions.

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Teaching Assistantships offered by the Embassy of France

Each year the Embassy of France in Ottawa accepts applications from Canadians between the age of 20 and 30 for English language assistantship positions in French primary and secondary schools. This is a unique opportunity to work for six to nine months in the French educational system and to:

  • spend several months in France, earning a monthly stipend of approximately 800 EU

  • gain a privileged insight into contemporary France

  • master the French language through linguistic immersion

  • acquire valuable teaching and working experience

Applicants should:

  • be between the age of 20-30 years old

  • have completed at least two years of university studies

  • have strong oral and writing skills in French

  • have an excellent command of English

Candidates must submit their application by February 15. For application forms and details please visit the website of the Embassy of France in Ottawa. You should also refer to the Centre International d’études pédagogiques.

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