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Our undergraduate program advisors are happy to help you navigate your undergraduate degree. Please be sure to include your name and student number in all email correspondence.

Prior to contact, you can also check which office can best answer your question


The School is concerned that students be placed in language courses appropriate to their level. If you have a background in the language in which you would like to take courses, please consult with the appropriate undergraduate advisor so that you can be placed in the language courses that correspond to your ability.

Students seeking credit by special assessment should also consult with the undergraduate advisor regarding courses available for credit in this manner. Native speakers are not eligible to take language courses by special assessment or to receive advanced credit for them.

Assessment and Placement tests are available for Chinese and Arabic language courses. Please apply using the on-line system.

Questions? Please contact:
Mariana Raffo
Department Services Assistant
Tel: 403-220-5300

Honours Program

Hone your research skills and delve deeper into a topic that you're passionate about. Graduate with distinction. 

An honours degree involves advanced research and study in your undergraduate program. It is an enhancement to your degree that gives you the opportunity to explore a topic of interest at another level.

For more information, please visit the Arts Honours Program page.

Co-operative Education Program

There are so many reasons why the arts co-op program is a great addition to your academic studies. Our students graduate with real-world job experience — pair that with a UCalgary degree, and your career is off to a strong head start.

Want to know more? Visit the Arts Co-operative Education Program page.

Overloads or Pre-Requisite Waivers

To request to be placed in a class that is full or a class where you are missing a pre-requisite, please email the School at In the case that you are missing a pre-requisite, please include reasons as to why you feel the pre-requisite should be waived (i.e. prior studies with equivalency course completion). 

Note - You may be asked to provide supporting documentation such as transcripts and course outlines to support your case and determine course equivalency. Open Studies students should contact the Undergraduate Advisor directly if they are missing any course prerequisites and should be prepared to provide transcripts and course outlines to support their request.

Deferral of Term Work

Should you require an extension of time to complete term work, papers, assignments or instructor-scheduled tests beyond five days after the last day of lectures, you will need to complete an Application for Deferral of Term Work form, obtain the appropriate approvals and submit it to the Registrar’s Office. Deferments will only be granted at the discretion of the faculty offering the course and normally will not exceed thirty days.

There are three distinct steps in the procedure for obtaining approval of a deferral of term work:

1. Complete the first section of this form, indicating reasons and providing where necessary medical or other supporting documentation. Take the form to the Instructor of the course for completion of the second section.

2. Instructor completes the second section of this form indicating agreement to the request as well as completion date. You will then need to take the completed form to the office of the Faculty offering the course (for courses in the Faculty of Arts this would be the Arts Students’ Centre – SS 102) for final approval.

3. The Faculty offering the course (for courses in the Faculty of Arts this would be the Arts Students’ Centre – SS 102) approves or does not approve the deferral of term work request by completing the third section of this form.

More information.

Exam Deferrals

Deferred Final Exams will be approved for the following reasons only:

* Please note that Enrolment Services is responsible for handling final exam deferral requests directly. Applications are made using your online Student Centre and questions should be directed to Enrolment Services, rather than through SLLLC or your instructor.

To apply to defer a final exam, follow the instructions provided. You must indicate which exam you wish to defer on your and you will need to be available to write your deferred examination during the dates noted. More information.