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Hortensia Barrios

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About me:

I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela where I obtained a BA in International Studies from the Universidad Central de Venezuela and worked as a Foreign Affairs Analyst for several years. I later continued my education at the University of Houston while working as a Research Assistant in the project “Digital and Physical Inroads to Sustaining Scholarly-Community Rapport: Toward a Research Collective for Writing, Community, and Global Culture.” I graduated with a BA PB in English Linguistics (High Honors) and BA PB Spanish – Literature (Honors).

Through the study of the language, I have met many unique people with compelling stories of loss and resilience that are often unheard or forgotten. Their stories make them who they are and situate them in time and space giving them a voice, connecting them with their communities, deconstructing stereotypes, and initiating changes.  My research focuses on understanding the ways in which people construct their multiple selves in socio-cultural situations through the instrumentality of language – I do so with the assistance of Digital Storytelling and Python.

My research interests are sociolinguistics, language ideologies, language attitudes, identity, agency, linguistic anthropology, linguistic ethnography, language policy, digital humanities, and digital storytelling.

I have been awarded the Joyce M Valdes Scholarship, Dorothy Z Baker Library Fellow Scholarship Award, John P, McGovern Library Scholars Award, EPE Award, and Dean’s Entrance Graduate Scholarship. I also received an Outstanding Volunteer Service Recognition by the State of Texas.

Current Studies

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