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Adam Daniel

  • Doctoral Student

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LING 407 (Morphology)
(Sep 11 - Dec 18)
LING 303 (Phonology)
(Sep 13 - Dec 20)

Personal Background

I originally come from just outside Atlanta where I completed my BA Hons. in Applied Linguistics and ESL at Georgia State University in 2011. I then worked as an English Instructor in Sendai, Japan for 4 years in the JET Programme where I taught English from elementary to high school. In 2015, I became a graduate student here at the University of Calgary. Under the supervision of Dr. Amanda Pounder, I completed my MA in Linguistics with a thesis titled "Clipping as Morphology: Evidence from Japanese" in January of 2018. I am now a PhD student under the continued supervision of Dr. Amanda Pounder. I am currently investigating clipping as morphology through a diachronic lens in order to examine what clipping can tell us about the dynamicity and staticity of word-formation and lexical storage thereof. I am also interested in examining clipping from a semantic and semiotic perspective as graphic representations of language have become more influential over time regarding how people decide to alter word-forms and expressions.

Languages are my passion and I enjoy studying them or even inventing them. I am a fluent speaker of English and an advanced speaker of Japanese, I have also studied French, Welsh, German to intermediate levels, and I have dabbled in other languages such as Swedish, Mongolian, Serbian, Cherokee, Italian, and Etruscan. My biggest interests in linguistics are historical linguistics and morphology, particularly how we as humans process word-formation and play around with language via extragrammatical morphology (e.g. puns, clipping, blending). My other hobbies include cooking, enjoying nature, travelling, watching movies and tv, participating in trivia, reading sci-fi, fantasy, and classic novels, playing games, and studying languages of course.  


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Current Studies

  • Doctoral Student
    Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
    Supervisor: Amanda Pounder
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