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Submitted by darmstro on Mon, 11/21/2016 - 3:15pm

What careers can I pursue with languages and linguistics?

Where can I find past exams?

Some past exams can be found through the SU Online Exam Bank.

I need to get in touch with an advisor. Whom should I contact?

Division of Chinese Studies and Japanese Studies
Undergraduate Advisor (Chinese): Dr. Shu-ning Sciban
Undergraduate Advisor (Japanese): Akiko Sharp

Division of French and Francophone Studies
Division Chair and Undergraduate Advisor: Dr. Anthony Wall

Division of German Studies, Russian Studies, Arabic Language and Muslim Cultures
Undergraduate Advisor (Arabic Language and Muslim Cultures): Dr. Asmaa Shehata
Undergraduate Advisor (German): Dr. Cornelia Burian
Undergraduate Advisor (Russian): Dr. Olga Mladenova

Division of Linguistics
Undergraduate Advisor: Dr. Dennis Storoshenko

Division of Spanish Studies and Italian Studies
Undergraduate Advisor for Italian: Emilia Spoldi

Where can I practice my language/s and ask questions?

At Le centre français (CHC 301; tel: 220-7226), Il Circolino (CHC 318; tel: 220-7289) and El Centro de Tertulia (CHD 303; tel: 220-6677) you can practise your French, Italian and Spanish respectively.

You can drop in at Le centre français for a coffee and a chat, to read, to do homework, to listen to music in French, and to attend their numerous activities.

Il Circolino provides a meeting place for students who wish to speak Italian with a monitor, ask questions, read the centre's books or find out about study and travel in Italy.

El Centro de Tertulia offers conversation practice in Spanish. It also collects, organizes and distributes information about study and travel in Spanish-speaking countries, local cultural activities in the Spanish community, as well as those planned by the Centre

Where can I find information about Faculty and School requirements?

The requirements of the Faculty of Arts are listed at on the current UCalgary Calendar.

Requirements of the School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures are found by selecting the individual programs at

When do I need permission from the Faculty? And from the School?

You will need permission from your Faculty, for instance, to study away from the University of Calgary and to withdraw from a course.

You will need permission from the School to take courses for which you lack the prerequisites.