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Programs in French


French scholars ask questions such as: How did Claude Monet influence the art world? As an international language, what is the place and role of French in the future? What is the legacy of the French Revolution? How did the Romance languages develop?

Studying French will provide you with a multidisciplinary examination of French language, literature, culture, art and history. This program will allow you to improve your French communication skills while also discovering the Francophone world in all its variety. During the course of your studies, you'll gain creative thinking skills, research and analytical capabilities, intercultural awareness, and the ability to communicate fluently in French.


Students may pursue a Major, a Minor, a BA-Honours degree and a combined BA/BEd degree; the BA in French and BA-Honours degrees may also be taken with Co-operative Education. Students have the option to carry out faculty-monitored joint research projects. We also have a Master's program for graduate students.