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The Narratology of Observation expands the conceptual vocabulary for analyzing fiction and offers new insights into the study of European realism. >
Say hello to the new President of the Language Creation Society (LCS) >
Allison successfully defended her MA thesis on December 13, 2018. >
Lindsay receives Alberta Graduate Citizenship Award >
Professors Carroll, Flynn and Wall all receive Faculty of Graduate Studies “Great Supervisor Awards” >
Erica Sakurazawa gives an in depth look at the real-life career and creative process of a professional manga artist >
The newest volume of Calgary (Working) Papers in Linguistics now available. >
Francis successfully defended his MA thesis on November 27, 2018 >
Attendees share their views, experiences and research on teaching Chinese heritage language learners at Canadian Universities >
Mary O’Brien along with Paulina Maczuga and Johannes Knaus, were awarded the Paul Pimsleur Award for Research in Foreign Language Education >
Master Arabic Calligrapher shares his life experience throughout four wars and his inspiring understanding of Arabic writing. >
Linguistics Graduate Program alumnus is awarded Tier 2 CRC in Change, Adaptation and Revitalization of Aboriginal Languages at Memorial University of Newfoundland. >
Dr. Carlo Illuminati takes students on a journey inside Italian literature, Petrarch and Baroque art, and the heroines of romantic opera >
SLLLC Adjunct Professor and alumna talks to the CBC about her project with Betsy Ritter, pairing Siksika students with storytellers from Siksika First Nation >
Introducing the new LARC Graduate Students in Residence >