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Vendler Reading Group Event Held

Interdisciplinary talks on pronouns and reference in language

By Adam Daniel

Last weekend, we held the Vendler Reading Group on campus which consisted of talks on the pronouns and reference in language. Dr. Karen Lewis, a professor of philosophy in the Barnard College of Columbia University, and Dr. Pranav Anand – a professor of linguistics at the University of California – Santa Cruz, both gave interesting talks.

Dr. Lewis’ topic was “Discourse Referents and D-type pronouns” where she discussed dynamic semantics and Discourse Representation Theory as well as the D-Type Theory of pronouns.

While Dr. Pranav Anand ’s topic was “Perspectives for Pronouns and Reflexives”, in which the discussion focused on binding theory and de re interpretations of pronominals and reflexives. Many linguists from the School were in attendance as well as other academics from philosophy, psychology, and education, all of whom enjoyed the talks.


Photo Credit to Joseph Windsor, 2PTS Photography