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Students Organize Russian Literary Evening

Annual gathering held for students to learn about Russian literature and culture

By Diego A. Izarra S.
This picture shows ‘Alexander Blok’ and ‘Andrei Belyi’ during their ‘duel’ over the affections of their Beautiful Lady ‘Lubov Mendeleeva’

Every December, when festivities and finals are fast-approaching, the students in the Russian program organize their favorite “Russian Literary Evening”. This evening serves as a gathering for all students who wish to come and learn about Russian literature and culture and those who already graduated. The “Russian Literary Evening” has three acts that are tied together by a theme or period of Russian literature that makes it a unique, fun and academic experience. The first act is several presentations done by the students taking the Russian literature course.
These presentations are meant to tell to the audience about the major writers or about one writer and his works. In December 2015 the students talked about Dostoevsky and his infamous “Crime and Punishment.” In December of 2016 the theme of the event was the Russian Symbolism and its impact on the modern culture. The second act is the ‘play’ that is enacted by the students. The ‘play’ is a way of reinforcing the subject of the evening in a light-hearted, and often humorous, way. Finally, it is the third act of the evening: The traditional snack with Russian kvass. In this act, everyone takes the chance of meeting new people or have a conversation with their friends. The “Russian Literature Evening” has become a traditional celebration for which the students really wait every year.