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Luis Torres Receives GREATsupervisor Award

We are delighted to announce that our colleague Luis Torres has received the GREATsupervisor Award from the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

The award is presented to faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in supervision; mastery and enthusiasm in their subject area; creativity, versatility and fairness in teaching; and an engaging rapport with students. Dr. Torres obtained this recognition for his hard work and dedication supervising students in the MA, PhD and Honours programs. A reception was held on September 22 to express appreciation to all 2015/16 recipients.

A specialist in contemporary Latin American Literature, exile literature and creative writing, Dr. Torres also examines community loss, representation of trauma, memory, migration and marginality. He recently co-authored La voz y la memoria, an anthology of poems that confront the personal and social obstacles related to exile and memory and, at the same time, describe and question the process of adaptation and integration in the land of asylum.