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Learning about Arabic Calligraphy

On September 29, 2016, the newly organized Arabic Cultural Club held their first event of the year: an Arabic calligraphy event. Led by guest presenter Odai Almoqadam, a University of Calgary alumnus and calligraphy hobbyist, attendees were given an introductory look into the rich and intricate realm of Arabic calligraphy.

The event began with a brief history of the art and the Arabic language, detailing the emergence of the Arabic alphabet from its North Semitic ancestor, and the development of the six main calligraphic styles, known as The Six Pens.

Students then had the opportunity to try their hands at the art themselves. Letter by letter, they were first guided by Almoqadam through a simple calligraphic rendition of "Knowledge is light."

Attendees were then guided through the more challenging task of shaping the Arabic words for “Love and peace” into a dove, an example of the popular form of representation in Arabic calligraphy known as zoomorphic calligraphy.

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