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Graduate Forum 2019: Call for Papers


The LLAC and Linguistics graduate programs are pleased to present the 2019 Graduate Forum. Graduate students in the School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures are invited and encouraged to present their ongoing or completed research to fellow graduate students and faculty members at the University of Calgary. This is a chance to practice your presentation skills and to develop ideas in a productive and relaxed environment. Please submit your abstract by March 25, 2019 and indicate if you would like to present a paper or a poster. Paper presentations will be allowed 15 minutes and are for completed projects. Posters can either highlight ongoing work or completed projects. Please include the following information when you submit your abstract:


A. Paper or Poster

B. First and last names as you would like them to appear on the program

C. Program area (Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, French, Spanish, etc.)

D. Program Level (Masters or PhD)

E. Program year (first, second, etc.).

F. 150-200 word abstract in English


You can present your research in English or French, but please write your abstract in English. Do keep in mind that your choice of language may have an impact on the number of people who will be able respond to your presentation.

In order to better assist our graduate students for this event, the School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures (SLLC) is also pleased to offer a series of workshops on writing abstracts and presenting your work to an academic audience. These workshops will be held on the following dates:

    1. Abstract workshop: March 13

    2. Abstracts due: March 25

    3. Receive comments on your abstract: around April 2

    4. Presentation workshop:  April 8

    5. Final abstracts due: April 16

    6. Graduate forum: April 30 

    Please submit your abstract to the organizers at