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German Immersion Retreat held in Kananaskis

German immersion retreat held in Kananaskis

By Dara Fensky

We had a wonderful time at the German immersion weekend at the Barrier Lake field station. Although the weather was chilly, we were able to go on a hike to get a nice view of Barrier Lake. It was a great opportunity to get to know all the German students better and to have lots of German conversations.

After the hike we warmed up with traditional German food: bratwurst, red cabbage, potatoes, and apple strudel, as well as other German dishes prepared by the students. We had a fun evening of German board games and music as well as more German conversation. The following morning we wrapped up the retreat with a traditional German breakfast of brötchen, eggs, müsli and of course Nuttel!

It was such a great opportunity to practice speaking German. Speaking is by far the hardest part of learning a language, with so few opportunities to practice. This was such a great chance to be immersed in German culture, outside of a trip to Germany!