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German 503 – A Student’s Perspective

Project-based learning with SLLLC

German 503 is a project-based course. With the academic experience you have gained so far, you are entrusted to develop and carry out a semester-long project linked to languages. The choice of subject is yours, as long as it can be made into a teaching tool for German students. Let your curiosity run free! The beauty of this course is that it enables you to have an impact. Through a collaboration with German 333, you have the opportunity to use your teaching tool twice and receive constructive feedback on it.

Being in a course where the process is as valued as the end result brings forth a sense of pride and ownership towards the project itself but also towards the journey through its development. To use your project in a real-life setting is sure to make you realize how far you have come since your initial idea and feel that your project has a concrete purpose. This course is an opportunity to fully function in an academic setting in German, therefore helping solidify your foundation of the language and improve fluency.

Click on the pictures below to view last semester's projects!