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First Issue of Interlingua Now Available

Journal aims to increase student publications and collaboration.

Dear Readers,

In order to respond to University of Calgary’s merger of departments in the Faculty of Arts as well as the necessity of increasing collaboration on the student level, we created the online journal Interlingua. It is named after the international auxiliary language which strives to be easily comprehensible by the widest possible range of speakers. The e-journal Interlingua will be published twice a year, starting with this volume.
Please click on the image below to access a PDF version of the journal.

The journal aims to introduce undergraduate students to the process of academic writing and publishing. Graduate students will have the opportunity to improve their academic skills by serving on the editorial board, by providing academic feedback, and by continuing to publish their own papers. We hope that the journal will also facilitate cross-fertilization of our respective disciplines and ideas, and contribute to possible collaboration in the future.

The journal starts out as a cooperation between the German, French, Spanish and Italian subdivisions. We are welcoming other departments to participate. Topics may range from literature to linguistics to creative writing. Academic support from at least one professor of each participating division is a prerequisite for participation.

For our first issue we exclusively received submissions from the German program which might be explained by the fact that submissions were made course requirement options in that program. We would like to thank our professors who support Interlingua by promoting it on their online course sites and in their classes. We hope that the word will spread and we will receive submissions from several programs for our next issue. The deadline for the second volume is December 15, 2016. Submission requirements are posted on the last page of this volume.

If you are as intrigued as we are to learn more about wide-ranging topics such as the portrayal of animals in literature, biased gender representation in Holocaust sculptures, changing women’s roles during the Weimar era, concepts of happiness in New German cinema, or a provocative gender depiction by the Austrian author and Nobel laureate Elfriede Jelinek, and would like to share your own thoughts about these topics, please write us a line, and we will create a feedback section in the next issue.

We wish you a stimulating reading experience! Editors: Martin Lisanik and Bernadette Raedler