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Digital Stories: Language Attitudes

Presented by the students of Spanish 599/643 and LLAC 612

As part of their course requirements, students in an upper level course on Language Attitudes (SPAN 599/643 / LLAC 612) wrote Digital Stories. To do this, they wrote and revised 300-word stories, recorded their own voices for the audio and then created short films (on average 2 minutes each) using online software that included images unique to their stories. Each story represented an attitude (belief, opinion, judgment) about a language or language variety that the student had personally experienced. 

For example, one student expressed shame in not being able to fluently speak the language of her grandparents, another expressed gratitude for the opportunity to learn various languages, while others addressed the importance of accepting multiple identities that represent various languages and cultures. 

On April 15th, the students participated in a virtual screening of their videos. The screenings were attended by various members of SLLLC, including graduate students, instructors and staff members, who enjoyed watching and chatting about the Digital Stories videos.