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Congratulations to Neha Bhatia and Petar Peltekov

LLAC graduate students successfully pass their examinations.

Please join us in congratulating LLAC doctoral student Neha Bhatia for successfully completing the written and the oral components of her Field of Studies Examination on December 9, 2019. We thank our colleagues for their work with Neha towards this milestone: Charles Tepperman (Supervisor); Devika Vijayan (Co-Supervisor); Matthew Croombs and Cheryl Dueck (Supervisory Committee); Cornelia Burian and James Ellis (Examiners); Martin Wagner and Mary O’Brien (Neutral Chairs).  

The School would also like to extend our congratulations to LLAC doctoral student Petar Peltekov for passing his Thesis Proposal Exam on December 11, 2019, and completing his candidacy requirements. We thank our colleagues for supporting Petar towards this important step: Mary O’ Brien (Supervisor), Ozouf Amedegnato and Wei Cai (Supervisory Committee Members), Angela George and Hetty Roessingh (Examiners); and Marie-Andrée Bergeron (Neutral Chair).