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Congratulations to LLAC graduate student Samantha Carron

Carron successfully completed her Field of Studies Examination (written and oral component) on December 3, 2019.  

By Federica Gowen
Supervisor, Dr. Marie-Andrée Bergeron (L) and Samantha Carron (R)

Congratulations to LLAC doctoral student Samantha Carron for successfully passing the written and oral components of her Field of Studies Examination on December 3, 2019.

We are grateful to our colleagues for their work with Samantha towards this milestone: Marie-Andrée Bergeron (Supervisor); Eftihia Mihelakis and Devika Vijayan (Supervisory Committee Members); Mushegh Asatryan and Rachel Friedman (Examiners); Jean-François Richer and Ozouf Amedegnato (Neutral Chairs).

Way to go Samantha!