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Congratulations to Lisa, Berenice and Qing

Successful oral field of studies, thesis defence and thesis proposal exams for LLAC graduate students

On April 16, PhD student (Applied Linguistics) Lisa Suessenbach passed her Oral Field of Studies Examination. Lisa’s written and oral FoS exams focus on speech perception, speech production, and accentedness vs. comprehensibility. We express our gratitude to our colleagues for their work with Lisa towards her milestone: Mary O’Brien (Supervisor); Angela George and Stephen Winters (Supervisory Committee Members); Angeliki Athanasopoulou and Roswita Dressler (Examiners); Rachel Friedman and Devika Vijayan (Neutral Chairs).  


On the same day, MA student (Transcultural Studies) Berenice Cancino successfully defended her thesis "The world speaks, I can only listen": Representations of Indigenous Collective Trauma through Film Sound Design, which explores the relationship between soundscape and trauma in three movies that deal with indigenous issues: Charlie’s Country (Australia), Rhymes for Young Ghouls (Canada) and El abrazo de la serpiente (Colombia). Our heartiest congratulations go to Berenice and supervisor Cheryl Dueck, and our thanks to Ben Whaley and Charles Tepperman (examiners) and Mary O’Brien (Neutral Chair).


On April 20, PhD Student (Transcultural Studies) Qing Li passed her thesis proposal exam and completed her candidacy requirements. Qing’s thesis proposal is titled Translation Practices in the Context of Museum -- TheTranslating and TranslatedChinese Heritage Museums in Xi’an. We thank our colleagues for supporting Qing towards this important step: Olga Mladenova (Supervisor), Michelle Hardy and Shaobo Xie (Supervisory Committee Members), Jan Sueselbeck and Penelope Farfan (Examiners); and Mary O’Brien (Neutral Chair).