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Chinese Language Placement Workshop

The Workshop of Chinese Language Placement in Canadian Universities

The Chinese Language Teaching and Research Association and the University of Calgary are set to host the Workshop of Chinese Language Placement in Canadian Universities on November 26, 2016 at the University of Calgary. Participants of the workshop are from ten major universities offering the Chinese program in Canada and one university in China. 

Chinese language placement has become a highly critical issue of Chinese language teaching and research in every Canadian university due to the growing number of Chinese learners and the increasing diversity of their language backgrounds. The workshop is for Chinese professors or Chinese program advisors to share their experiences and views on the complicated procedure of handling Chinese language placement, as well as to generate ideas and disseminate research on the development of placement tests and implementation effective placement procedures. Issues to be addressed in the workshop include development and evaluation of Chinese placement tests, the placement of learners with different language backgrounds, correction of placement decisions after classes start, collaborations among institutions, and other related topics on Chinese language placement.

The intended outcomes of the workshop are to produce a reference document of Chinese language placement in Canadian universities, generate research projects on Chinese language placement, and build connections among Chinese professors/advisors for further collaborations.

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Information on the Chinese Language Teaching and Research Association

Chinese language teaching and research is becoming one of the most vibrant academic areas at both the national and international level, due to increasing interest from Chinese learners and the business community. The Chinese Language Teaching and Research Association was established in response to this ever growing demand. Dr. Wei Cai, from the School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures at the University of Calgary, serves as the first President of the Association.

The Association is intended to serve as a networking platform for Chinese language educators, scholars and people who are dedicated to Chinese language teaching, to provide a forum for the exchange of expertise relevant to Chinese language teaching, and to create opportunities for collaboration across schools and universities.

Specifically, the purposes of the Association are:

  1. to promote the advancement of Chinese language teaching and research
  2. to disseminate research in Chinese language pedagogy
  3. to conduct professional development for language educators
  4. to conduct teaching-related research projects
  5. to facilitate exchanges and collaboration among Chinese language practitioners