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23rd Alberta District Japanese Speech Contest

Students Sweep First Place at Japanese Speech Contest

On March 8, 2014, 15 students from the Japanese Program (Department of Linguistics, Languages, and Cultures), led by their 3 instructors (X.Jie Yang, Akiko Sharp, and Yoko Kodama), went to the University of Alberta to compete in the 23rd Alberta District Japanese Speech Contest.

This is an annual event and this year there were a total of 29 participants from four universities in Alberta and Saskatchewan. All students presented brilliant speeches and keenly represented their knowledge of the Japanese language and its culture.

After an intense competition, Anna Tran from JPNS 207, with her speech "Growing Up", won the first prize in the beginner category.

Hager Yousif from JPNS 303, won the first prize in the intermediate category, with her speech "I don't Want to Lose My Mother Tongue", and Jishan Habib from JPNS 333, won the first prize in the advanced category, with his speech "Japanese Way of Teaching".

Other prize winners include Ashley Law, Adrian Faustino, June Sung Park, Kelsey Cronje and Alice Dong.

We are proud of this outstanding result, and deeply appreciate the hard work put forward by all participants and their instructors. 3 First Prize winners will represent Alberta to compete at the National Japanese Speech contest on March 29 in Ottawa.

For more information on the Alberta District Japanese Speech Contest, please see the University of Alberta website:

The 23rd Alberta District Japanese Language Speech Contest Prize Winners List


Beginner's Category, First Prize
Anna Tran (U of C) (video)
Growing Up おとなになる
Beginner's Category, Second Prize
Alice Shiyu Yan (U of A)
Promise of a Dream 夢の約束
Beginner's Category, Third Prize
Ashley Law (U of C) (video)
Tomo's Story ともさんのストーリー
Intermediate Category, First Prize
Hager Yousif (U of C) (video)
I don't Want to Lose My Mother Tongue
Intermediate Category, Second Prize
Yayuan Cao
The Story before I was Born 私が生まれる前の物語
Intermediate Category, Third Prize
Adrian Faustino (U of C) (video)
A Beautiful Language 美しい言葉
Advanced Category, First Prize
Jishan Habib (U of C) (video)
Japanese Way of Teaching 日本の教え方
Advanced Category, Second Prize
June Sung Park (U of C) (video)
Study Abroad りゅうがくとわたし
Advanced Category, Third Prize
Kalyna Oriana Hudym
A Full Life 恵まれる環境
Special Prize
Kelsey Cronje (U of C) (video)
A Memory of Halloween ハロウィーンのおもい出
Alice Dong (U of C) (video)
The Price for Taking the Short Cut 近道の代償
Natasha Ku (U of R)
How I Found Myself by Studying Abroad 留学体験で見つけ私