University of Calgary

Roswita Dressler

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor

Currently Teaching

Not currently teaching any courses.

About Me:

I work as an Assistant Professor and Director - Teaching Across Borders for the Werklund School of Education. I am an adjunct assistant professor in the School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Culture and a Research Associate of the Language Research Center. My dissertation looked at childhood bilinguals in Canada's German Bilingual Programs.

I am currently working on a collaboration with Lena Schuett and Bernadette Raedler on Project-based Learning in the advanced German language classroom.



I have taught the following courses in German in recent years:

  • ·         first-semester German language (GERM 202)
  • ·         third-semester German language (GERM 313; 331)
  • ·         senior level German language (GERM 503 “Senior Projects in Language”)



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