University of Calgary

Mushegh Asatryan

  • Associate Professor
  • Div Chair - ALMC/GerStudy/Russ

Office Hours

Winter 2018

Currently Teaching

Not currently teaching any courses.


I am interested in the religious, social, and intellectual history of the pre-modern Muslim Middle East.  In particular, I work on in medieval Muslim constructions of heresy and orthodoxy, sectarianism, and the politics of religious polemics. I have published on early Shiism and Muslim sectarian and polemical literature. 

 I am currently working on a translation and study of Mu'tazili theologian al-Khayyat's Kitab al-Intisar, an important early Muslim theological-polemical text (under contract with Gorgias Press). 

 I am also interested in the history of the discipline of Religious Studies in general, and Islamic Studies in particular, as practiced in Euro-American academia in the last two centuries. I have recently published an article critically exploring Western scholarship on Shi'ism, and currently am working on an article on the uses of philology and theory in the history of premodern Islam. 



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