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Masako Shimada

  • Doctoral Student

Currently Teaching

Not currently teaching any courses.

About me:

I graduated from the University of Calgary with a double major degree in Linguistics and Spanish with distinction, followed by an MA in Linguistics. After completing my studies, I explored exciting careers as a translator, an interpreter, and a buyer that constantly sent me to various countries. Meanwhile, I also taught languages whenever possible. I found teaching rewarding, and I wanted to become a better teacher, which led me to pursue a PhD in Applied Linguistics.

The University of Calgary, with the extensive knowledge and expertise of professors, offers an ideal environment to learn second language pedagogy, as well as to advance my research on Japanese prosody, in particular, pitch-accent. I am also excited to live in Calgary again because of its wonderful people and the Rockies nearby, making me feel at home as I grew up in a city surrounded by mountains.

Japanese is my first language and English is my second. My passion for Flamenco and Latin dance led me to learn my third language, Spanish. I enjoy travelling and meeting the locals while speaking in their language. On a sunny day, I like to go on a hike in Kananaskis or for a nice long walk in a park.

Current Studies

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