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Resources in Linguistics

The PASS program provides free, organized study groups
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Michael Dobrovolsky Undergraduate Award
Research Participation and Critical Thinking (for Linguistics 201)
Verbatim Linguistics Undergraduate Society

Verbatim is the University of Calgary's undergraduate linguistics club where you can meet with other students, have a quiet study place, find help for your burning linguistic questions (class related or not!), access the Linguistics' Library, or just unwind between classes.

The club offers the popular "Evening With ..." series which spotlights particular languages like Irish, Japanese or even the invented alien languages in popular culture, such as Klingon. Sub-Field Nights give you a chance to explore new areas within linguistics such as sociolinguistics and dialectology, as well as ways you can put your knowledge of linguistics to work doing such things as language coaching. The Larynx Field Trip is an annual guided tour of the cadaver lab at the Foothills Hospital by an anatomy professor and phonetician who discusses the physiology behind speech.

Linguistics, Languages and Cultures Speaker Series

As a student, you will be invited to attend the Linguistics, Languages and Cultures Speaker Series,  which is a lively program of speakers from a range of universities and research institutions.

The University of Calgary's Career Services offers events such as alumni panel discussions, industry nights and career fairs for students to meet with industry representatives and posts summer and full-time jobs. 

Language Research Centre

The School is closely associated with the Language Research Centre, which provides leadership in researching language acquisition, learning and teaching, the effective use of technologies, and policy-making. It is a hub of language activity created to optimize the intellectual resources available from numerous departments on campus and to build bridges to our community.

The Language Research Centre offers a world-class environment for language education and hosts various events including two series of talks which bring in renowned speakers and researchers from around the world to share their perspective and findings. Effective language education means a better understanding of how we acquire and process language, but also how language functions as part of culture and literature. The University of Calgary experience provides this level of integration to our students, facilitated by the best technology, the most advanced language-learning materials, and taught by internationally recognized scholars.