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Courses Offered in Linguistics

With courses in theoretical and applied study areas, the Linguistics program at the University of Calgary offers a four-year major program and a number of concentrations and minor programs drawing from a diverse curriculum. Students in all Linguistics degrees take foundational courses in core areas of theoretical linguistics in the first and second years, covering Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, and Semantics. In the major program, students take additional courses on a non-English language, with the option to fulfill this requirement using a programming language in Computer Science.

An example of first-year courses

  • Linguistics 201- Examine the universal basics of language including articulatory phonetics and phonology of English and other languages, words and meaning, linguistic rules and the formation of sentences.

  • Linguistics 223 -Investigate the nature of persuasive messages in advertising and politics. Topics may include truth and falsity, implication, ambiguity, and context-dependence.

In later years, students pursue deeper studies into the nature of linguistic theory, or the history of English and related Germanic languages. These senior courses are informed by the research interests of the Linguistics faculty, also including indigenous language study and revitalization along with questions surrounding first and second language acquisition. Preparatory courses for later degrees in Speech-Language Pathology are also available.