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Il Circolino (The Italian Language Centre)

Il Circolino is an integral part of the Major and Minor in Italian Studies programs. Students are expected to attend specific sessions during the week as part of their Italian courses. Here students also have an informal meeting place to further develop their language skills and to learn about the culture and activities of local and international Italian groups. Instructors or monitors are available in Il Circolino for approximately three to five hours per day.

Language Assistants are hired to help support the increasing number of students who study Italian. The Circolino is also a place where participants meet to organize special projects and group activities such as the student newsletter, talent show, etc.

Local community groups and the Government of Italy generously support the Circolino. Many cultural events and activities are organized at UCalgary which help promote the Italian study programs to students as well as to the campus and City of Calgary communities.

Contact information

Location: Craigie Hall C318    Tel.: 220-7289.