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Funding and Employment

The Graduate Program in Languages, Literatures and Cultures (LLAC) offers financial support packages to qualified applicants on a competitive basis. Students applying for internal funding must submit applications for the Graduate Award Competition to the School by February 1. All students are strongly encouraged to seek external funding opportunities throughout their program.
The School is committed to providing adequate funding to students admitted into its programs.
The funding package comprises three sources:
• Grants, scholarships and awards
• Graduate assistantships
• Sessional teaching appointments
The School provides financial support to MA students during the first 20 months of their program and doctoral students up to 44 months, on the condition that they maintain good progress toward completion of their degree. Only in unique circumstances will a request for additional funding beyond these time periods be entertained. The School reserves the right to withdraw funding if an MA student moves from a full-time, thesis-based program to a course-based program. Part-time students are not eligible for funding.
MA students receive at least $17,680 during their first year, and that amount is reduced to no less than $13,600 during the second year, when student fees are reduced. Those same funding levels for international students are at least $24,570 for the first year of the MA and at least $15,660 for the second year. Domestic PhD students receive at least $19,940 until they pass candidacy (no later than 28 months in the program) and at least $14,560 thereafter. International PhD students receive at least $26,970 pre-candidacy and at least $18,060 thereafter.
Please see our Tips for Graduate Student Scholarship Applications and also Creating Strong Applications.
Types of financial support available:
The School provides scholarships and research awards such as the FGSS (Faculty of Graduate Studies Scholarships) and EPE (Enrollment Planning Envelope) Award for Language Learning Enhancement to students on the basis of academic merit.
All eligible students are required to apply for the annual Graduate Award Competition (GAC), the annual Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) scholarship competition, the Entrance Competition, and external awards competitions offered through the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Failure to apply may result in a decrease or cancellation of School funding.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships (GAs) are designed to help students prepare for an academic career, and therefore represent an essential part of their training. Faculty members have the opportunity to share their extensive experience, impart new knowledge, offer valuable guidance, and contribute significantly towards students’ scholarly and professional development. GAs are part of a student’s funding package.
There are three types of assistantships:
• Teaching (GAT) are designed to help teaching staff with instructional responsibilities, such as lecturing assistance, laboratory and tutorial direction, grading, preparation of demonstrations and instructional aids.
• Non-Teaching (GANT) assist with non-teaching responsibilities. Duties may include collecting research data, interviewing subjects, curriculum development, bibliographical work or general research services.
• Research (GAR) help a grantholder with a research project, with duties similar to those described above for a GANT. Whereas GATs and GANTs are supported by the School, GARs are funded through faculty members’ research accounts (e.g., SSHRC, Seed Grants).
Sessional Teaching Appointments
A unique feature of our graduate program is the opportunity to gain teaching experience with beginner and/or intermediate level language courses through sessional teaching assignments under article 23.4 of the TUCFA Collective Agreement between the Governors of the University of Calgary and the University of Calgary Faculty Association.
All graduate students are strongly encouraged to submit applications. Teaching opportunities are posted on the School website under “Work With Us”. Applications are submitted directly to the School, according to the specific instructions provided in the notices. It is the student’s responsibility to check the website regularly for teaching opportunities.
Graduate students in a teaching role are subject to class observation, direction or evaluation by the course coordinator. The Graduate Program Director, the Director or a delegate may also observe and report on the teaching of a graduate student. Sessional teaching assignments are considered part of the funding offered to students by the School. The School cannot guarantee assignments.

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