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Graduate Program in Linguistics — Funding and employment

The Graduate Program in Linguistics offers excellent financial support packages to qualified applicants on a competitive basis. These may include teaching and research assistantships as well as scholarships. The program can also recommend applicants for the open scholarship competition administered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS).

Complete applications need to be received by January 10 to qualify for full consideration for financial support. Scholarship and application forms can be downloaded from the FGS website. Please see our Tips for Graduate Student Scholarship Applications and also Creating Strong Applications.

We guarantee support packages of at least $20,000 annually for MA students (first 2 years of program) and $22,000 annually for PhD students (first 4 years of program).

Types of financial support available:

Graduate Research Scholarships (GRS)

A GRS is awarded on a merit basis to graduate students who qualify. It provides financial support to enable them to pursue their own graduate research programs.

Graduate Assistantship Teaching (GA(T))

A GA(T) is awarded on a merit basis to graduate students appointed to perform instructional service. Tasks may include lecturing assistance, laboratory supervision, grading assignments and examinations, tutorial direction, assistance in preparation or demonstration of instructional aids, etc.. This includes all forms of service such as preparation, marking, office hours, etc. A full GA(T) presently carries the basic stipend of $ 8894.41.

Graduate Assistantship Non-Teaching (GA(NT)) / Graduate Assistantship Research

A GA(NT) or GA(Research) provides the same basic stipend as a GA(T), and involves the same time commitment. Presently this amounts to $ 8894.41 for a full assistantship of 12 hours per week. GA(NT)s and GA(Research) differ from GA(T)s in that the student is assigned duties which assist professors in their research. This research may be unrelated to the student's own research interests.

Internal graduate awards are available from the Graduate Program in Linguistics to full-time graduate students. Continuing eligibility for these awards is conditional upon satisfactory performance in the program and on annual application for open scholarships. Students whose applications are complete by January 10 will automatically be considered by the department for Graduate Research Scholarships, Graduate Assistantships, and Faculty of Graduate Studies Awards.

Conditions on GRS and GA Awards

As in all universities, there are limits on the assistantship funds to which the program/School has access. The following guidelines for financial aid have been adopted by the program/School:

  • The maximum support for any MA student is normally four (4) units of GA for the duration of the program. An MA student will not normally be granted an award in the third year of the program. (An unfunded qualifying year does not count toward this total.)

  • The maximum support for a PhD student is normally eight (8) units of GA for the duration of the program. A PhD student will not normally be granted an award in the fifth year of the program.


Scholarships are administered by the Scholarship Office of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. See the section of the University Calendar on Awards And Financial Assistance For The Faculty Of Graduate Studies. The application deadline is January 10. Scholarship forms (including the application and reference forms) can be downloaded from the FGS Awards website.

Information about some external awards can be found at the following agencies listed below. International applicants should check out the Information for International Applicants.

  • Alberta Ingenuity Awards

  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Doctoral Fellowships

  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Postgraduate Scholarships (MA and PhD)

  • A longer list of internal and external awards from the Faculty of Graduate Studies

  • The University of Calgary Graduate Student Association also offers some financial support for graduate students.


Part of GA payments are subject to Income Tax. Students who receive significant scholarship awards should be advised that the award will be considered part of the funding offered by the Graduate Program in Linguistics, and not in addition to that funding.