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Students interested in German may pursue a Major, a Minor, or a BA-Honours degree; the BA in German and BA-Honours degrees may also be taken with Co-operative Education.

Why study German?

German scholars ask questions such as: How did the Germanic languages develop? Why is Karl Marx’s work still so influential? How does the legacy of World War II continue to impact Germans?

Studying German will provide you with a multidisciplinary examination of German language, literature, culture, art and history. Knowledge of German will be a valuable asset for emerging engineers, entrepreneurs, and diplomats. Germany is the European Union’s largest and strongest economy and fourth largest economy in the world.

During the course of your studies, you'll gain creative thinking skills, research and analytical capabilities, intercultural awareness, and the ability to fluently communicate in German. These skills are in demand in today’s globalized culture and economy. The ability to navigate cultural difference is not only professionally advantageous but personally enriching as well.

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A unique place to study

Our program offers a variety of courses that give students the opportunity to study and interpret German literature and cultural history, in German and in English translation. Events such as Germany Days or lectures by internationally renowned researchers and German writers will add to your experience. Language learning is enhanced by technology-mediated learning environments, including a SMART equipped classroom and various multimedia resources.

Our program organizes immersion weekends outside of Calgary to give you the opportunity to use your German over an extended period. Students are also encouraged to study abroad, using our connections to the German Academic Exchange Service, an important funding source for students of German. There are many other opportunities for internships and excursions in Germany. For students in our German program, international experience isn’t just an idea – it’s a key component of your studies.

Enhance your degree

Co-curricular Record

The Co-Curricular Record acts as an official record of student involvement in not-for academic credit and volunteer roles during their time at the University of Calgary. Students who engage in 20 hours or more of involvement are eligible to add the information to their Co-Curricular Record, which can be printed out and used in job and volunteer applications, medical school applications, and for keeping track of involvement.

  • Language Achievements

    When a student writes an exam for a Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR), he/she receives a mention of the language and assessment on the co-curricular record component of their transcript.

Put your education to work

Knowledge of German will open doors for you to study or work in a variety of fields abroad and at home. A good proficiency in German can also be an important key to accessing wide-ranging professional opportunities in international commerce, tourism, foreign service, journalism, publishing, education, library work, translation and interpreting.

For more information on career options, please visit: Career Services - German