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French scholars ask questions such as: How did Claude Monet influence the art world? As an international language, what is the place and role of French in the future? What is the legacy of the French Revolution? How did the Romance languages develop?

Studying French will provide you with a multidisciplinary examination of French language, literature, culture, art and history. This program will allow you to improve your French communication skills while also discovering the Francophone world in all its variety. During the course of your studies, you'll gain creative thinking skills, research and analytical capabilities, intercultural awareness, and the ability to communicate fluently in French.


Students may pursue a Major, a Minor, a BA-Honours degree and a combined BA/BEd degree; the BA in French and BA-Honours degrees may also be taken with Co-operative Education. Students have the option to carry out faculty-monitored joint research projects. We also have a Master's program for graduate students.

Why study French?

When you study French, you are not just learning to speak one of Canada's official languages. You are discovering new cultures and ways of life excitingly different from ours. French is an official language in well over thirty countries across the globe.

Right from the first year, you will improve your communication skills and discover the Francophone world in its many and varied forms. Our program emphasizes not just the French language but the whole range of francophone cultures in places as varied as Switzerland, Guadeloupe, Cameroon, Belgium, Tahiti, Vietnam, Quebec and of course France. In our courses, you'll examine films, advertisements, literature, newspapers, magazines and the web. A background in French will give you the analytical and communication skills you’ll need for tomorrow’s world. You will also gain multicultural understanding and linguistic proficiency in a truly international language.

Funding for travel studies

Many travel study programs are available. As a student of our program you will have access to government funding and bursary programs to offset the cost of these opportunities.

A unique place to study

Studying French at the School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures will provide you with a multidisciplinary examination of French language, literature, culture, art and history and the opportunity to gain an understanding of francophone cultures in all of the world’s continents.

Our program offers a new and creative curriculum with an array of courses taught by experienced and dedicated faculty members, developed to improve your linguistic, expository writing and critical thinking skills. During the course of your studies, you'll gain research and analytical capabilities, intercultural awareness, and the ability to communicate fluently in French.

French Language Instruction Program
Students pursuing a degree in French can also complete courses from the French Language Instruction Program (FLIP), which offers classes taught in French in disciplines such as archaeology, biology, geography, history, music and photography.

Conversation and café
Le Centre français,
our friendly drop-in centre, welcomes those wishing to converse in French. Its relaxed ambiance also offers a media learning centre, which includes magazines, newspapers, dictionaries, books, music, games and French-language television. Come and enjoy a café au lait and croissant on the first Wednesday of each month between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Travel funding

The program offers two generous scholarships to study off-campus in a francophone milieu: the French Centre Scholarship for study in Quebec, and the E. Catherine Barclay Scholarship for study in France.

Enhance your degree

  • Students in the French program have the opportunity to write an Honours thesis on a research topic of their own design, supervised by a faculty member. This intensive, year-long project is undertaken in the final year of the degree and involves course work and independent research. 

  • Learn more about enhancing your degree with a cooperative education program.

  • Peer mentoring program - Becoming a peer mentor or signing up to receive peer mentorship is a great way to connect student-to-student and learn in an innovative environment.

  • Be a part of the Arts and Science Honours Academy and join the best and brightest students at the University of Calgary.

  • At the University of Calgary, there are many ways to get involved and enjoy student life during your degree.

Put your education to work

Our graduates have strong oral, written and intercultural skills. They successfully build careers in numerous fields, such as the Foreign Service, international business, teaching, journalism, academic administration, film-making and performing arts, communication and media, tourism and hospitality, and the not-for-profit sector.

For more information on potential career options, please visit: Career Services - Degree Profiles (French)