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LRC, "I'd like to know more about..." Workshop

Date & Time:
November 10, 2017 | 9:00 am
CHD 420
Joseph Windsor, Dennis Storoshenko and Lorraine Markotic

Join the Language Research Centre for the seventh annual “I’d Like to Know More About …” workshop.

The goal is to provide students, established researchers, and members of the LRC community with an introduction to new areas and practical tools for enabling research. Please help spread the word by forwarding this invitation to anyone you know who might be interested!  The workshop three sessions as well as a free lunch: 

9:00am-10:30am               Joseph Windsor, PhD candidate, SLLLC

Aliens and Elves and Fantastic Peoples Oh My! Giving a Voice to Fictional Races

By the end of this workshop, participants will have an outline of their own constructed language (conlang). We will look at the history of conlanging (dating back to the 12th century), highlight principles of natural languages that can be used in the construction of a fantasy language, and examine some tricks-of-the-trade to make your task easier while avoiding common pit-falls. This workshop will draw on examples from popular constructed languages like: Klingon (Star Trek), Dothraki (Game of Thrones), and Na’vi (Avatar), as well as others you may not have heard of.

No prior linguistic training is needed for this workshop.


10:45am-12:15pm            Dennis Storoshenko, Assistant Professor, SLLLC

Experiment Programming with PsychoPy

This talk will provide an overview of PsychoPy: free, platform-neutral, open source software for data collection in a laboratory setting. We will go from nothing to a fully-functional study within the space of the talk with a demonstration of the implementation of a sentence-rating task. Audience members are encouraged to download the software in advance so that they can follow along with the demonstration. In the remaining time, we will also cover additional tools for the presentation of non-Latin text, audio and visual stimuli, and briefly examine the data output files.


1:00pm-2:30pm                Lorraine Markotic, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy

Psychoanalytic Theory and its Legacy

This presentation will focus on Freud’s revolutionary notion of the unconscious.  It will elaborate Freud’s notion of repression and how it relates to concepts such as dream interpretation, slips, language, resistance, screen memory, and displacement and condensation.  It will conclude with some brief comments about post-Freudian psychoanalytic theory, specifically that of Lacan, Irigaray, and Kristeva.

If you’d like to attend any of the workshops, please respond to Please let us know by November 3 which of the workshops you’d like to attend and whether or not you’d like to join us for lunch. Note - the workshop is free and open to the public.