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East Asian Language Studies

Submitted by darmstro on Fri, 12/02/2016 - 4:12pm

Why East Asian Language Studies?

Do you have a broad interest in the languages and cultures of China and Japan?

This major will provide you with solid training in all four language skill areas (reading, writing, speaking and listening) in two East Asian languages: Chinese and Japanese. Choose one of the two languages as your primary study field; the other will be secondary. Your training in the two languages, along with courses in East Asian cultures and literatures, will permit you to achieve an advanced level in your primary field and intermediate level in your secondary. You will also gain a profound knowledge of both East Asian cultures.

Completing a degree in East Asian Language Studies can be the first step to starting an international career with a great variety of job opportunities, and will help you to distinguish yourself in the increasingly competitive global job market.

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Enhance Your Degree

Put your education to work (career opportunities)

You will have a number of diverse career opportunities available to you in areas such as international trade and industry, teaching and academic research, diplomatic service, development agencies, translation and interpretation and immigration and social service. Career possibilities within international relations and business are also plentiful at banks, import-export firms and globally-based corporations with foreign markets and interests.

As corporations and agencies continue to open and operate branches and manufacturing centres in East Asia and increase their cooperation with East Asian businesses and organizations, the need for those with a knowledge of East Asian culture and language continues to grow. Students wishing to embark on an academic career may enter arts, management, education and law.

For more information on career options, please visit: Career Services - East Asian Language Studies