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The Chinese program offers a Chinese minor and a joint major (with the Japanese program) in East Asian Language Studies or East Asian Studies. The program consists of four years of Chinese language courses that provide systematic and solid training, as well as a number of courses on Chinese culture, film, linguistics, and literature.

Why study Chinese language and cultures?

Open a unique window into one of the world’s most ancient civilizations.

The rapid emergence of the Chinese economy has been one of the most influential events of the last thirty years. It is the largest economy in the world, the world’s largest trader, and Canada’s second largest trading partner. This growth has led to an ever-increasing demand for experienced professionals with Chinese (Mandarin) language skills and cultural awareness across a variety of professions and industries.

Communication skills in Mandarin and an understanding of Chinese culture will expand your professional opportunities in business, government, education, hospitality and public service, and will also provide you with an important edge when competing for employment in today’s highly competitive global marketplace. The thousands-year-old Chinese culture is also fascinatingly rich for those with an appreciation for history, art, literature and film.

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A unique place to study

Our  curriculum has been developed by world-renowned faculty and encompasses all four-language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing). In addition to Mandarin language instruction, the Chinese program also offers a broad range of specialty courses covering areas such as historical, modern and contemporary Chinese fiction, women’s literature, Chinese cinema, history, linguistics, civilization and culture and Chinese-Japanese cultural relations.

You will have the opportunity to participate in unique and dynamic learning experiences in class and through extracurricular activities. Fun and engaging events held throughout the academic year include the Chinese Language Skill Contest and the Chinese Bridge Competition.

Study abroad

Put your education to work

Learning Chinese will open up a number of potential careers such as communications specialist, community affairs coordinator, cultural affairs officer, customs/immigration officer, ESL teacher, import/export coordinator, international banking loan officer, international business consultant, international relations advisor and public policy specialist.

For more information on career options, please visit:
Career Services - Degree Profiles (East Asian Studies) or
Career Services – Degree Profiles (East Asian Language Studies).

Degrees offered (Majors, Minors, Concentrations)

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We have a degree to fit your needs. All but the minor may be taken with co-operative education (co-op).

Degree requirements

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* The East Asian Language Studies Major degree provides students with solid instruction in all four language skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) in two main East Asian languages, Chinese and Japanese. Students in the program will choose one of the two languages as the primary study field; the other will be secondary. More Information.

The East Asian Studies Major is a broadly-based interdisciplinary program offered as a collaborative program in the Faculty of Arts. The Faculty of Arts offers courses in East Asian languages, history, religion, philosophy and cultures, as well as geography, politics, anthropology and archaeology of East Asian countries. This wide diversity of perspectives offers a comprehensive understanding of the rich culture and emerging global power of China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam. Learn more about program requirements.

Enhance your degree

Courses offered

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Note: Chinese 317, 355 and 357 are given in English and no prerequisite knowledge of Chinese is required. All university level prerequisites for Chinese language courses must be met with a grade of "C-" or better.

Assessment and placement

All students interested in Chinese language courses must consult with the School in order to be placed according to their experience and ability. Enrollment in Chinese language courses therefore involves a formal assessment and placement process. The School can refuse a student permission to remain in a particular language course if the instructor deems that the student's knowledge exceeds the level of that course. Students are advised that misrepresenting their level of knowledge in the language of the course constitutes academic dishonesty and will be dealt with as such. 

Note: Prior to registering in any Chinese language courses, students are required to complete the online Chinese Placement Application Form. Instructions on completing the placement form are available. If you experience any technical difficulties in submitting your form, please contact the main office at

Registration in any of the Chinese culture courses (such as CHIN 317, 355, 357) does NOT require completion of the placement application.

Please contact the Chinese program advisor at if you have any questions or concerns about Chinese courses generally, or the placement process specifically.

Credit by special assessment

Students seeking credit by special assessment should consult with the School regarding courses available for credit in this manner. Native speakers are not eligible to take language courses by special assessment or to receive advanced credit for them.