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                        1. What is CHOICES?

CHOICES is a program for authoring and presenting multiple-choice quizzes.  A teacher can author quizzes that students can then do on the computer.  Quizzes may include hints for the student in response to wrong answers. The  student may do a quiz with the hints enabled, or as a timed test. A  percentage score is provided at the end. CHOICES will run on Windows 3.1  or Windows 95.

                       2. Freeware Distribution

CHOICES is distributed as freeware. You may install it on any machine and  use it at no charge.

Copyright laws apply to both commercial and freeware software, and the copyright  holder retains all rights.  You may distribute CHOICES to other users free of  charge, PROVIDING THAT YOU PASS ON THE PROGRAM IN ITS ORIGINAL ARCHIVE FORM, AND DO NOT ADD OR REMOVE ANY FILES FROM THE ARCHIVE.

                       3. REGISTRATION

There is no need to register CHOICES, but if you would like to let the 
author know that you are using the program and pass on any comments you  have, please send e-mail to Martin Holmes at

                      4. Installation

CHOICES is distributed as a self-extracting zip file (choice11.exe). Simply  copy the file into an empty directory and run it. The program files will be  extracted. Then run "setup.exe" to install the program. A program group  will be added to Program Manager (in Windows 3.1); if you are running  Windows 95, an item will be added to the Start menu. Installation will  copy most of the files to the program's own directory, but the following files  will be copied to the Windows/ System directory:   vbrun300.dll, resize.vbx.

                     5. Getting Started

CHOICES comes with online instructions. Just start the program and press the  "Instructions" button on the main screen.

                    6. Distributing CHOICES

You are encouraged to pass a copy of the freeware version of CHOICES to  your friends or colleagues for, providing that you comply with the  conditions stated under FREEWARE DISTRIBUTION above.