World Wide Web Activities
in French, German and Spanish
Grade 4 (Beg.)
Grade 8 (Inter.)
Grade 12 (Adv.)

Students understand and interpret information, concepts and ideas in various situations on a variety of topics

- fill out an application form of a character  
- provide a checklist 
- fill out a check list for a bike
- find the meaning of traffic signs
- explain some of the main signs to another student
Tintin site (2) *Example
TÜV Fahrrad (3)
Verkehrsschilder (4)
Tintin español (5)
- listen to music and write a  response 
- debate the best record or book to buy for a person as a gift 
- discuss personal interests; giving reasons why to accept or reject a suggestion 

Virgin Megastore (6)
Radio Regenbogen (7)
SWF3 (8)
Fantastiche vier (9)
Radio Activo (10)
Música tradicional (11)

 - present news from different perspectives i.e. stations 
- give a report on current affairs 

France 3  (12)
Nouvelles d'Alsace (13)
Canadian news in various languages  (14)
Québec news  (15)
Tagesschau (16)
Der Spiegel (17)
ORF Aktuell (18)
Perú  (19)
Spain (el mundo) (20)
Spain (el pais) (21)


Students express their experiences and ideas to an audience of listeners or readers on a variety of topics

- present an interpretation of paintings/pictures 
- present stages in baking a 'Brezel'

Grotte Cosquer  (22)
Grotte de Lascaux (23)
Bäckerei Weber (24)
Pictures from the Andes (25)

- present weather report with symbols 

Canada weather  (26)
France weather (27)
Germany weather (28)
Swiss weather (29)
Austria weather (30)
Europe weather (31)
Spain  weather  (32)
Spain weather (33)
Bolivia weather (34)

- describe where the university is and what can be studied
- choose a university and explain your choice

French universities  (35)
German universities (36)
Swiss universities (37)
Austrian universities (38)
Spanish universities (39)
Universidad de México (40)


Students seek information on and interpret different aspects of the culture studied 

- read an authentic magazine and compare for differences and similarities 

Le Journal des Enfants  (41)
Juma (42)
Oskar (43)

- compare advertisement and products 
- writing contests, surveys 

Orangina (44)
Otto (45)
Neckermann (46)

- compare car models and their presentation 
- reflect on cultural attitude and values 
- look at advertisement techniques
- present an ad of a car model

Peugeot (47)
Citroën  (48)
Renault  (49)
BMW (50)
Volkswagen (51)
Daimler-Benz (52)


Students demonstrate understanding of the concept of culture through comparisons of the culture studied and their own

- explore one of Québec's theater groups 
- choose a common topic/current issue to discuss 

Marionettes  (53)

- read driving rules and practices 
- compare information 
- find how to obtain a licence

RCMP  (54)
Code de la route
  - au Canada (55) 
  - en France  (56)
Straßenverkehrsgesetz (57)

- compare several cultural aspects: family, legal system, work, housing, transportation, school system

France Pratique (58) 
Employment of the handicapped  (59)
School system comparison (60)


Students participate in various language experiences to reinforce and further their knowledge of other disciplines through second language

- take a walking tour of the museum 
- visit a toy museum
- visit  children pages of a children's  museum
- prepare a cloze exercise 

Musée des enfants  (61)
Spielzeugmuseum (62)
Kindermuseum (63)
Alhambra museo (64)
Guía de Granada (65)
Museo del niño (66)

- science experiments to work on 
- learn about bats
- present an experiment

Musée de la découverte (67)
Fledermaus (68)
Los perros (69)

- choose a scientific theme of interest to research and present
- choose a theme in the humanities area (history, art)

Québec Science  (70)
Musées nationaux  Récupération (71)

General Language Education: 

Students show evidence of becoming lifelong learners by using the language for personal enjoyment and enrichment

- use the Internet for a project and for personal gain 
- use search engine of target language 
- create own Web page in the target language 
Launch sites (72)
Yahoo (73)
Lycos (74)
French language search engines (75)
Repsit (76)
Online de españa (77)
El directorio de Venezuela (78)
Bolivia (79)
Chile (80)
Zona Latina (81)
Dino Großer Web Katalog (82)
Jump Stations to Resources in German (83)
German Jump Station (84)
Deutscher Bildungsserver (85)
Die Deutschlehrer-Seite (86)
German materials (87)

Examples: Other sites: Aline Moes:
Lise Sinclair:
World Wide Web Activities 
in French, German and Spanish
Some of the WWW sites below come from an article "Meeting Standards for Foreign Language Learning through World Wide Web Activities" by Joel Walz. The URL is:
  1. Country abbreviations:
  2. Tintin site:
  3. TÜV Fahrrad:
  4. Verkehrsschilder:
  5. Tintin español:
  6. Virgin Megastore:
  7. Radio Regenbogen:&nbs