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Potential Research Areas and Supervisors - LLAC


Ozouf Amedegnato

Sociolinguistics; applied linguistics; linguistics-literature interface; Emile Benveniste

Mushegh Asatryan

Religious, cultural and social history of the medieval Islamic Middle East; interface between religion, culture and society; Islamic history; Shi’ism; Arabic and Persian languages

Nayibe Berm
údez Barrios

Latin American film; gender and performance studies

Marie-Andrée Bergeron

20th-century Québec literature; discourse analysis; feminist studies; literary theories

Elena Bratishenko

Slavic historical linguistics; diachronic nominal morphosyntax; cognitive approaches to linguistics; Russian language and culture; the dialect of Medieval Novgorod; Medieval Slavic literature; Proto-Indo-European

Kenneth Brown

Hispanic literatures of the medieval to the Rococo; the Dutch Master, Rembrandt; Spanish Baroque poetry; Sephardic studies; textual criticism; Catalan

Francesca Cadel

Italian and Film Studies, Modernism and Comparative Literature, with a focus on the Postwar Period, and authors such as Pier Paolo Pasolini, Elsa Morante, Umberto Saba, Ezra Pound, History of Ideas, Philosophy, and Translation. Italian classics such as Alessandro Manzoni’s I promessi sposi and Carlo Collodi’s Pinocchio are also included.

Wei Cai

Second Language Listening, Vocabulary Acquisition, Language Teaching Materials Development and Evaluation, Second Language Acquisition, Chinese Applied Linguistics

Mark Conliffe

Russian culture, Russian language, 19th and early 20th century Russian literature

Cheryl Dueck

GDR and post-unification German literature and culture; German and Central European cinema

Sélom K. Gbanou

Francophone African Literature; postcolonial studies; theatre; visual arts; literary theories

Angela George

Sociolinguistics; second language acquisition; second language pedagogy; Hispanic linguistics; language variation; language contact

Olga Mladenova

Slavic and Balkan languages and cultures; textual studies; historical linguistics; ethnolinguistics; semantics; pragmatics; etymology

Mary Grantham O’Brien

German; second language acquisition and learning; pronunciation; speech perception; speech production; prosody

Elizabeth Montes

Latin American prose fiction; Latin American women writers; literature and film in Latin America

Jean-François Richer

French Literature of the 18th and 19th centuries

Rachel Schmidt

Cervantes; early-modern Spanish literature; visual arts and literature; literary theory

Jan Süselbeck

Emotion research; literary antisemitism; the Holocaust and its aftermath; postcolonial studies; film and theatre studies

Luis Torres

Contemporary Spanish-American literature; exile literature; creative writing; prose, poetry and theatre

Devika Vijayan

Travel literature, 17th century French literature, Jesuit writings on Canada and India

Martin Wagner

18th- and 19th-century European literature; German intellectual history; German literature

Anthony Wall

Literary theory (relationship between literature and the visual arts); 18th-century France (Denis Diderot); Mikhail Bakhtin; contemporary French and Québécois literatures

Benjamin Whaley

Modern Japanese Literature, Manga and Anime Studies, Videogame Studies, Music

X. Jie Yang

Classical Japanese; Japanese medieval literature; picture scrolls; digital technology; digital humanities