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Potential Research Areas and Supervisors - LLAC


Ozouf Amedegnato

Sociolinguistics; applied linguistics; linguistics-literature interface; Emile Benveniste

Mushegh Asatryan

Religious, cultural and social history of the medieval Islamic Middle East; interface between religion, culture and society; Islamic history; Shi’ism; Arabic and Persian languages

Nayibe Bermúdez

Latin American film; gender and performance studies

Marie-Andrée Bergeron

20th-century Québec literature; discourse analysis; feminist studies; literary theories

Elena Bratishenko

Slavic historical linguistics; diachronic nominal morphosyntax; cognitive approaches to linguistics; Russian language and culture; the dialect of Medieval Novgorod; Medieval Slavic literature; Proto-Indo-European

Kenneth Brown

Hispanic literatures of the medieval to the Rococo; the Dutch Master, Rembrandt; Spanish Baroque poetry; Sephardic studies; textual criticism; Catalan

Wei Cai

Psycholinguistics; Chinese language pedagogy; vocabulary acquisition; second language listening; second language acquisition

Cheryl Dueck

GDR and post-unification German literature and culture; German and Central European cinema

Sélom K. Gbanou

Francophone African Literature; postcolonial studies; theatre; visual arts; literary theories

Angela George

Sociolinguistics; second language acquisition; second language pedagogy; Hispanic linguistics; language variation; language contact

Olga Mladenova

Slavic and Balkan languages and cultures; textual studies; historical linguistics; ethnolinguistics; semantics; pragmatics; etymology

Mary Grantham O’Brien

German; second language acquisition and learning; pronunciation; speech perception; speech production; prosody

Elizabeth Montes

Latin American prose fiction; Latin American women writers; literature and film in Latin America

Jean-François Richer

French Literature of the 18th and 19th centuries

Rachel Schmidt

Cervantes; early-modern Spanish literature; visual arts and literature; literary theory

Jan Süselbeck

Emotion research; literary antisemitism; the Holocaust and its aftermath; postcolonial studies; film and theatre studies

Luis Torres

Contemporary Spanish-American literature; exile literature; creative writing; prose, poetry and theatre

Devika Vijayan

Travel literature, 17th century French literature, Jesuit writings on Canada and India

Martin Wagner

18th- and 19th-century European literature; German intellectual history; German literature

Anthony Wall

Literary theory (relationship between literature and the visual arts); 18th-century France (Denis Diderot); Mikhail Bakhtin; contemporary French and Québécois literatures

Benjamin Whaley

Modern Japanese Literature, Manga and Anime Studies, Videogame Studies, Music

X. Jie Yang

Classical Japanese; Japanese medieval literature; picture scrolls; digital technology; digital humanities