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ALLE (Alberta Language Learning Environment)
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Analyse (Didacticiel pour apprendre l'analyse grammaticale)
Le Dictateur (Dictées sur le Web)
Toilberta (Introduction au Web) with Lise Sinclair
Reading French 2000 (under development)
Web Tutorial for Language Teachers
Écrire mieux (Conseils) 
Humour for the long term

Curriculum vitae

Articles sur Marguerite Yourcenar 
Cours sur Marguerite Yourcenar
Marguerite Yourcenar Listserv
Un article sur Barthes

Technology and Language Teaching
Review of Learn to Speak Spanish (1998)
Article on Learning Styles
Rapport de mission (France, 1998)
Calico Presentations (1999)
Séminaires à Singapour (1999)

Personal Links
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ALSIC(Revue d'ELAO) 

Repsit(Répertoire de liens français) 

Lexique des termes littéraires

Department of French, Italian & Spanish

Auteurs français calgariens

Intercultural and Second Languages Council

Benefits of Second Language Learning


Brian Gill is Associate Professor of French and Director of CALL, Department of French, Italian & Spanish, University of Calgary

Last updated February 14, 2000