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2017 Japanese Speech Contest Held

Six U of C Students Obtain Prizes in this year's Alberta District Japanese Speech Contest

By Sherry Yike Yuan
Thu, 03/09/2017


The 26th Alberta District Japanese Speech Contest was held on Saturday, March 4th, 2017 at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

In this year’s annual event, of the 30 contestants in total, 9 represented the University of Calgary’s Japanese Program at School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures alongside our Japanese instructors, X. Jie Yang, Akiko Sharp, Yoko Kodama, and Hinako Ishikawa.

This year’s speech contest contains the largest number of participating universities and covered a wide area geographically across Canada. The other six participating universities included the University of Alberta, Mount Royal University, MacEwan University, University of Regina, University of Lethbridge, and University of Saskatchewan. All the contestants confidently presented their written speeches and we are very proud to announce that six of our students placed within the top three positions of their respective categories. Good Job to all U of C contestants!!

In the beginner category, Sophie Cervera was the first to present with her incredible speech “Detective Sophie”, and won the second prize in the beginner category. In addition, our excellent contestant Joshua Garcia won the third prize with his speech “I Am Only Human”.

Stanislav Levkovski won the third prize in the intermediate category, with his remarkable speech "The Prices of Toys".

In the advanced category, two U of C students participated in the intense competition and we are proud to win the top two spots.

With his speech “To Parry”, Yuyang Frank Chen won the first prize in the advanced category. Jiafan Rao won the second prize with her speech, “Journey”. Both our advanced contestants’ speeches are rather unique and got superb reviews from our judges. 

In the open category, Sherry Yike Yuan won the first prize with her speech, “The Only Flower in the World”.

Once again, we would like to congratulate all the participants for their outstanding efforts and deeply appreciate the hard work and invaluable coaching from our four instructors.

Two U of C first-prize winners, Sherry Yike Yuan and Yuyang Frank Chen, will be advancing into the National Japanese Speech Contest on Saturday, March 18th, 2017, at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. We would like to wish both Sherry and Frank good luck in their endeavours!

We also would like to extend our gratitude to our exchange students from Japan who volunteered and helped our contestants practice their speeches. Saki Kaneda from Hokkaido University of Education, Takako Sasaki, Saya Nagono, Shoko Matsushita, and Na Hyunjung from Senshu University. Without your help and efforts, it would be impossible for us to run the event this smoothly, and we appreciate all your help!

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The 26th Alberta District Japanese Speech Contest


Prize Winner List  

Below are the winners of the 26th Alberta District Japanese Speech Contest. We would like to once again congratulate each one of them on their success, and wish U of C winners Yuyang Frank Chen and Sherry Yike Yuan good luck at the National Speech Contest!

Click on the English title of each speech to access the video in YouTube.

Beginner Category, 1st Prize

Braden Moser (U of Saskatchewan)

僕がゲームの通訳者になりたい理由 - “Why I Want to Become a Video Game Localizer”

Beginner Category, 2nd Prize

Sophie Cervera (U of C)

探偵ソフィー - “Detective Sophie”

Photograph 1 2 3 4


Beginner Category, 3rd Prize

Joshua Garcia (U of C)

私はただの人間です - “I am only human”

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Intermediate Category, 1st Prize 

Elina Ren (U of Saskatchewan)

初心忘るべからず - “Keep Your Initial Resolution”


Intermediate Category, 2nd Prize 

Muristella Jho (U of A)

やさしくてもだいじょうぶ - ”Be Kind to Myself”


Intermediate Category, 3rd Prize 

Stanislav Levkovski (U of C)  

おもちゃの価値 - “The Price of Toys”

Photograph 1 2 3 4


Advanced Category, 1st Prize

Yuyang Frank Chen (U of C)   

受け流す- “To Parry”

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Advanced Category, 2nd Prize

Jiafan Rao (U of C)

旅 - “Journey”

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Advanced Category, 3rd Prize

Siyi Wang (U of A)

料理界のほうていしき - “The formula of cuisine”


Open Category, 1st Prize

Sherry Yike Yuan (U of C)

世界に一つだけの花 - “The Only Flower in the World”

Photograph 1 2 3 4